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Monday, March 6, 2017

Do we need to fit threshold tension to stage of growth (vegetative, flowering, fruit set, fruit development stages)?

Low threshold tension promotes vegetative growth. Leafy plant species (i.e.

lettuce, etc.) can benefit from low tension threshold that will promote rapid

growth. A low tension threshold is also beneficial in early stage of plant

development after seeding or planting when the root system is sparse and

during the development of a vegetative framework that flowers and bears fruit

at a later stage. A relatively low tension is required to achieve maximum fresh

fruit size.

Excess vegetative growth reduces fruitfulness. An appropriate tension,

specific for each species, is required to achieve the right balance between

vegetation and fruitfulness.

Stress, induced by low tension, affects fruit composition (i.e. increase dry

weight accumulation, oil concentration). The right stress can save water

without reduced yield or fruit size or alternately improve fruit quality, when

yield or fruit size is reduced, without financial loss.

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