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Monday, March 6, 2017

Traditionally tensiometer use requires usually averaging of several locations. How can the use of a single tensiometer overcome the variability in the field?

Traditionally tensiometers are positioned in 2-3 depths at several locations to obtain a statistically average value of tension because of soil and root density variability.
Tevetronic eliminate these variability, therefore it can use a single controllers. How the variability is eliminated?

a. By positioning the tension control at a shallow soil layer close to the dripper (15 cm deep, up to 15 cm from a dripper) where a dense root system exist.
We exploit the existing dense root layer and actively developing and maintaining it.

b. By controlling precisely irrigation depth.
The Tevatronic company developed the mathematical algorithm to irrigate precisely any soil depth while monitoring the tension at a shallow soil position.
When we aim to develop the root system at certain depth by precise irrigation and water percolate somewhat bellow (because of soil variability), it is not lost because the root system adjust and grow after the water. Soil variability is not eliminated but adjusting the soil layer to be explored by the root system and precisely irrigating that layer accommodate it.

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